The Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation has now been in existence for nearly twelve months and there is still a tremendous amount of work going on in the background to finalise this change of name for the Foundation. From our early beginnings in 1983, as the Lions/AFADD Foundation, to becoming the Lions/ADFA Foundation, and then becoming the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation in 1990, we have certainly come a long way and proved that the Foundation can continue to evolve and is relevant in today’s changing world. 

In 2021 it was obvious from all our activities that we needed to let our constituents know that we were bringing much more than Drug and Alcohol awareness to them and that saw us move to the Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation. We spent a lot of time deciding on a new logo for this new and improved Foundation and here it is: 

Also, we have decided that this current style of newsletter, hard copy, is not really the way of the future. Therefore, this will be the last hard copy newsletter after 85 editions. From now on, we will communicate with those who wish to keep up with our developments by email and Facebook, among other social media outlets. 

Already some people have requested email copies and this group will be extended to those who wish for that style of contact. We invite you to subscribe to our eNews here to stay updated.

Thank you to the many thousands of people who have been recipients of our regular newsletter over the past decades. Information will continue but in a more cost effective form.