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Top 10 tips for Creating a Resilient Family

Our Ambassador, Andrew Fuller shares his top ten tips to create resilient families. This article is also available as a resource in our online shop and a great resource to promote during Mental health Week.

Support Mental Health Month at your Club / School

October is dedicated to the promotion and awareness raising of Mental Health nationally and provides a great opportunity for an event, a morning tea, a guest speaker and more. 

King Island Leos Club Get Body and Self Positive

Recently, the seven-strong King Island Leos Club got behind our Freedom to Feel Fantastic campaign, to promote being body and self positive for the 180 students at the school from grades kinder to grade 12, and what a fantastic day they held.

Living Around Your Pain

Our Ambassador, Andrew, takes us on a journey to consider how pain is impacting our lives and how we can best manage this.

Foundation's new resources well received

Our latest set of eight brochures cover many topics and all contain up to date information. These are really well produced and full of the most interesting information on topics.

Chairman's Den

As you may have read in this news update, this is my last ‘in-print’ chairman’s note, but I am very excited that we as a foundation, are now looking to new digital ways to communicate with fellow Lions, Educators, Community Services and alike. 

New logo launched & new eNews

The Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation has now been in existence for nearly twelve months and there is still a tremendous amount of work going on in the background to finalise this change of name for the Foundation

Events calendar

Running an event or morning tea to mark a health and wellbeing date is a great way of opening conversations on various topics. Here are just a few happening over the next 6 months for your information. 

Run a positive self esteem event

The 2021 Mission Australia Survey of young people once again saw body image noted as a top-four personal issue of concern, with 33.6% nationally extremely concerned and 45.5% somewhat or slightly concerned, and when the results are broken down by gender the figures jump even higher for females…

How Lions use music to aid the young

Music can soothe a troubled mind. We reveal the mastermind behind an award-winning youth program exploiting the power of music. Whether Queen’s thumping ‘We Are The Champions’ or ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ by artists too numerous to mention, music is a powerful mood influencer.

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