Lions Quest

Lions Quest

is a social and emotional learning program for Foundation to Year 8.

Lions Quest offers a comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program that supports the development of happy, healthy and resilient young people who are caring and engaged members of their families, schools, and communities. The curriculum materials span nine-year levels (Foundation to Year 8) with a Teacher Resource Guide, Program Guide and student and parent materials at each level.

The social and emotional wellbeing of students and teachers has never been more important than it is now.

Skills for Growing (Foundation to Year 5) and Skills for Adolescence (Years 6 to 8) have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They have strong links to strands, sub-strands and key ideas in the Health and Physical Education and Humanities and Social Sciences learning areas and the Personal and Social arena of the cross-curricular General Capabilities.

Skills for Growing
(Foundation to Year 5)

In addition to their responsibility for the intellectual development of their students, teachers and schools respond to an expectation to foster caring, responsibility, resilience, respect for others and healthy behaviours. That’s a demanding and vital role!

Skills for Adolescence
(Years 6 to 8)

Schools don’t have to make a choice between fostering their students’ academic learning and nurturing their wellbeing. Lions Quest Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence help create the kind of classroom environment essential for academic success and social and emotional wellbeing.

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How can you get started with Lions Quest?

Visit the dedicated Lions Quest website at and download sample lessons

 If you are a Lions Club offer to sponsor local teachers to attend teacher training / purchase year packs

If you are a school contact your local Lions Club to seek support a teacher/s attend our online training

Contact the Lions Quest team to discuss getting the program into your local schools

Recommend this resource to young people you know or work with

Contact the Lions Quest Team

If you have any questions about Lions Quest please contact the Lions Quest team.