Our latest set of eight brochures cover many topics and all contain up to date information. These are really well produced and full of the most interesting information on topics.

Our suite of lifestyle, alcohol and other drug brochures, created by the foundation in partnership with the Drug Education Network are ideal for you to hand out at community events, or through packs provided to local GP’s, schools and community groups. 

On topics such as talking about alcohol and other drugs with young people, tobacco, cannabis, to a fantastic one full of information on what to do if you are worried about someone’s drug use, these brochures deliver information as well as links to services. 

If you would like to view the content prior to purchasing, they are available for viewing via our online resource shop or please email the Foundation at david@alwf.org.au if you would like a sample of the new brochures posted to you. 

each of the brochures are available from the Foundation at a cost of $40 per 100 which includes postage and GST. You may mix these brochures to get the 100 order requirement. 

We do hope that you find these useful.